eDonkey2000 JavaGUI for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X


This is a GUI Controller for eDonkey2000 (and to some extent Overnet) command line client that lets you remote control a command line client on the same machine or on a remote machine via a tcp connection.

This Controller is written in Java and is therefore easily portable. There are versions for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.


State of the project

Please note that at the moment the JavaGUI is unmaintained and does not work very well with the most recent core versions! It also has very limited support for Overnet (eDonkey2000's successor) at the moment. Other committments have kept the original author of the JavaGUI, David Qiao, from keeping it up to date with recent core developments, unfortunately.

The changes that need to be made to the current code to make it work with the most recent cores and overnet should be rather small, but they still need to be made. Interested Java programmers should have a look at the ed2k-gtk-gui source code (in C), especially the files gui_core_protocol.h and parse_message.c. As the author of ed2k-gtk-gui I am happy to help Java developers with any questions they might have, but unfortunately I can't fix the java code myself. The edonkey-java-devel mailing list has been set up to co-ordinate prospective Java developers' efforts and keep interested users up-to-date as to what is happening. Please subscribe to that mailing list if you are interested in developing the JavaGUI.

GNU/Linux and Mac OS X users might for the time being consider using ed2k-gtk-gui. Windows users are, for the time being at least, without a real alternative unfortunately (apart from using the full-fledged windows and overnet clients, of course).



The current JavaGUI does not work with the recent eDonkey2000 or Overnet cores. We are working on updating the Java GUI, but are currently held up by licensing problems of supplementary components. We are trying to solve these issues as quickly as possible. Don't hold your breath, however. In the mean time, users of *nix operating systems (GNU/Linux, *BSD, MacOSX etc.) can use ed2k-gtk-gui for their eDonkey2000/Overnet GUI needs.



(thanks for the screenshots go to BigWillyStyle42)


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